Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Rain and Dogs...who knew

WTF? Since the rainy season has come to Los Angeles we’ve discovered that our dogs are now, for some inexplicable reason, terrified of water. This has become a HUGE problem since they are now afraid to use the sandy patch in the yard to do their bathroom business like they used to. I realized this when Sadie, a perfectly well housebroken dog, peed on the rug Sunday night. Sadly, their sudden inability to eliminate normally outside led to a very unfortunate incident yesterday. My roommates came home from work to discover that Dexter had escaped from his kennel crate, and left four, that’s right FOUR, nice “presents” around the house, and a big puddle right inside the door. How a dog could shit that much in one day is beyond me. He must have been holding it for a really long time. Oh, and Sadie actually pooped in her crate. What is wrong with these dogs!?!

I’ve been taking advantage of flex time at work, so fortunately I was able to take the time this morning to make sure we didn’t have a repeat incident today. Dexter actually pottied on the sand this morning! Yay! (Isn’t it pathetic what we dog owners will get excited about?) I had to take him for a walk to get him to go #2, but it was well worth it knowing no one would have to come home to another disaster. It still sucks, because if I’m going to be going to work late and staying late, I’d really rather be sleeping in rather than getting up at the usual 6am to make sure the dog does his business before I leave. These pups better get over this fast or I may lose it.


Blogger Shananigans said...

Just in case all of you are interested in hearing more dog training stuff, I’ll share this update with you: I just got a voicemail from the dog trainer, and she says this is not at all uncommon. Many dogs, including her own, apparently don’t like getting their paws all mucky. She suggested that we let things “fall where they may” for now, since the main objective is to get them to go outside and they seem to have no problem going on the cement, which we’ve been trying to keep them from doing up until now. It is possible to desensitize them to the wetness, but waiting until it rains is apparently the wrong time to do this, it needs to be done gradually and under controlled circumstances. She also said once it dries up they should have no problem going back to their old routine. I hope she’s right. Always something, I tell ya.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No disrespect to your trainer, cause I know you both like her lots since your going to group classes with her too, but I don't agree. I think that if it were because they didn't like the feeling of it between their toes, then they wouldn't crap in the wet sandy area down the street, since that would give them the same feeling. I think our dogs are just basterds, and they feel like they rule us which is some shit! You can tell I too am still reeling from the incidents of the past 24 hrs. Anyhow, I think we should just take them for short walks down the street in the mornings and evenings until they go back to being okay with the yard, which will hopefully be soon. I don't think the dogs should be getting in the habit of craping and pissing on cement because then when you're walking them, why wouldn't they do it on the boardwalk at the beach, or on someone's sidewalk in front of their house. Just my thoughts on the matter.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, damn I don't really like blogs like this cause then I have to sign up for a free blog in order for it to register my name automatically, and I just dont want to sign up. But the previous comment was by me...TBone

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