Friday, October 29, 2004


Good things happen on Friday (at least you hope they do). Today, I finally put together my brand new desk with a little help from my boss. It came in a box about a week ago, but I didn’t get to it till today. I spent pretty much my entire morning squinting at instructions and diagrams, and my right hand is raw from twisting that screwdriver (now I know why the delivery guy was laughing at me when I told him I was going to assemble it sans power tools), but damn it was worth it! It’s kind of like being upgraded from the kiddie table to the grown-up table. It’s a foot longer, it’s deeper, taller, twice as many drawers (that’s 4!) and the pressboard has a lovely faux wood veneer as opposed to that depressing flat gray veneer on my old one. Plus, this gave me an excellent opportunity to rearrange my office, so now even though I have a bigger desk my tiny office actually feels bigger! I know probably no one but me cares about this, but when you spend as much of your life in your office as I do this is a pretty exciting thing. (Very, very sad. I know.) I was hoping I would get my recently departed co-worker’s office and desk (don’t worry, she didn’t die, she just got fired), but sadly that’s going to my neighbor.

Also, I won the most creative costume award at our office Halloween lunch party for my Ladybug costume. Not only did I get free pizza for lunch, I won the prize of one free hour off from work. If that weren’t enough good stuff for the Friday before Halloween, I went to the Rite Aid and got fun nail polish and glitter to go with my costume, and painted my nails at my desk. I’ve actually avoided doing any real work today.

I’m heading out to Hollywood to go see Les Claypool at the Avalon tonight. I want to put on my my my my my boogie shoes with you, yeah!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are 59,459,765 stupid people in America whose votes were subverted by a small group of people who wanted to make homophobia an issue in this election. They worked very hard to make sure the marriage issue was on the ballot in the swing states. Its politics as usual... dirty politics... but is there any other kind?
On a related note, Les Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains is AWESOME! What did you think of Buckethead?

3:28 PM  
Blogger riseyp said...

I was a ladybug for Halloween too!! My bf made the costume which consisted of black leotard and tights of course, topped off with a carapace made from cunningly bent and shaped poster board covered with red & black polka-dotted "fur" fabric, slippers covered with the same fabric, a headband with black & red antennae, a black nose and red cheeks. Best of all the carapace was removable so I could hang it over a couch and sit down whenever I wanted to.

Congrats on building the desk all by yourself!

12:30 PM  

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