Thursday, July 14, 2005

What's for dinner?

Work has been nuts lately. It’s nearing 4pm and I just finished my lunch not too long ago. At least I got everything ready for the 3pm FedEx pick-up and I don’t think I royally screwed anything up (accounts receivable kids, kind of scary). For those of you who asked, King Tut was great and a big hit with most of the donors that came. The exhibit was very interesting, I only wish I’d had more time to peruse and take it all in. I saw a sarcophagus that used to hold good ol’ King Tut’s dried liver y’all. Awesome! What I found most interesting was the focus and attention on preserving and careful storage of internal organs with the mummy in the burial tomb, supposedly because they would be needed in the next life, with the exception of the brain. They just chucked it out after they pulled it out through the nose (hope you aren’t eating as you’re reading this). I guess no one uses their head in the world beyond? Sounds like a scary place to me, or maybe we’re there now. Maybe we are all reincarnated ancient Egyptians and the "ruling elite" who would have been important enough to mummify are all walking around with no brains in their heads. Hmmmm, I think I need more sleep.

Anyway, on that note, this post is really about food. Thanks for the inspiration Crazy Aunt Purl. Because when the notorious C.A.P. has long busy days at work she continues to blog witty and entertaining posts, where as I will ignore my blog for long periods of time and then poach other’s ideas when I finally post again.

It has always amazed me that most all humans are basically equipped with the same tasting/smelling/eating apparatus, yet what one person considers food another will hurl at just the mention of. For example, I HATE and cannot tolerate in any way pickles of all kinds. Even when I pick them off a sandwich I hate that I can taste pickle juice on my food. I don’t much care for anything pickled or briny for that matter (sauerkraut? ewwww!). Don’t like radishes, beets, or green olives, but I love the black ripe ones. Jason hates all olives, and doesn’t like raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, raisins, dates or pineapple (I know, what’s not to like?)

I also don’t eat meat, as I’ve been a vegetarian for 11 years and counting. Meat is just weird to me. A lot of people are like, “Oh you don’t eat meat? That must be really hard. Poor you, what is there for you to eat?” I can’t decide if these people are condescending jerks or just really ignorant, or maybe a little from column A and a little from column B. But in all honesty, it doesn’t even really occur to me that meat is food. I mean, I know it kind of is and people eat it all the time, but that’s muscle tissue dude. Muscle tissue from an animal that was once walking around mooing/clucking/gobbling and what have you. What really grosses me out is meat on bone. Mmmm, think I’ll rip me a big piece of muscle tissue off that femur, chew it and swallow it. I’m really not trying to make the meat eaters feel bad or anything, but that is just how I see meat, which would explain why putting it in my mouth is about one of the most unappetizing things I can think of. If I can start doing comparative anatomy between myself and what’s on the plate you can bet I’m not going to eat it.

Shellfish and lobster and shrimp I also do not eat, but for different reasons. I do not much identify with any of these animals personally, so that’s not it. And the commercial fishing industry is none too pretty either from an ecological perspective, but even besides that, shellfish are just gross. The lobster and it’s kin are a Darwin’s baby step away from their cousin the cockroach. And clams, scallops, mussels and the like, not too far from the common sidewalk slug, but I understand the French smother these in garlic sauce and call this food too. Come on now, that’s disgusting.

Also, there’s a huge difference between your palate as a child and when you’re all grown up. I used to shun most vegetables as a child and now I can’t get enough of them. I also used to love Roman Meal bread and ketchup sandwiches.

So, what can’t you stand to eat, and what do you love to eat that no one else can stand?


Blogger Aarwenn said...

I don't know if you read Terry Pratchett, but he has this great part in one of books where he talks about the country of "Genua" (based on New Orleans) and talks about their "cuisine", basically snake's head soup and shark fins and birdsnests, and he point out, "It was a cuisine born of desperation. No one would willingly eat shark's fins if they could get the whole shark." I think that's how escargoe came to be--if you're starving, it's AMAZING what you'll eat.

9:21 AM  
Blogger Leah said...

I was totally eating my lunch while reading, and stuffing my face when I got to the "hope you aren’t eating as you’re reading this" but luckily I have a strong stomach :)

I live in Laguna which is a hippie town for the most part - well it used to be, but a lot of the people I grew up with were veggies, which is fine because that's your choice, and you're a lot healthier than the people who eat McDonalds also (I take the 5th). There's tons for veggies to eat! Tofu can be ANYTHING because it's magical, I still haven't tried it yet though.

I love uhm.. the person taking the 5th loves McDonalds and I have it on good authority everyone else hates it. I cannot eat sea life. When I was little I once OD'd on olives at Thanksgiving and for the past 20 years I cannot partake in the olive eating. I hate squash and eggplant but I love broccoli and cauliflower. My husband has a weird palatte - he hates apples, how can anyone hate apples? That's just strange to me.

It makes me smile when you blog because that gives me at least 10-15 minutes of something to do at work yaaaaaay I say.

12:31 PM  
Blogger The World Against Me said...

Like yourself, I cant stand radishes, beets, olives, sauerkraut and all the pickled stuff. I hate anything that is healthy for me.. Veggie especially. I mean.. I am getting a lot better, I eat salad willingly now.. I guess age does that to ya. I love Fruit, Watermelons, oranges, grapes, cherries, Lychees, Dragon eyes, Pears and apples... on my...

There is this thing we eat back in Hong Kong... It's literal translation is "Stinky Tofu" It's basically Tofu dipped in batter, with some kind spice on it.. When fried up, it gives this rottenly stench to it. It doesn't smell awful (at least to me) and it doesn't taste any different then say Fried tofu, but I get the strangest look when I eat it. Needless to say, not a lot of people like it due to the smell..

1:14 PM  
Blogger Eileen & Max said...

Eileen here. Cuisine is all relative anyway. I make it a point not to stay away from anything just because it sounds dodgy (except food involving bugs-eewww).
I actually want to try haggis, and I LOVE scrapple and squid, and even eel rolls. But I strongly dislike olives of all kinds, squash, zucchini, eggplant, cabbage and beets. I won't eat lamb or veal on principle (baby animals!), and I can't eat coconut due to a food allergy (but I love the taste!).
But we should all embrace each others' food preferences and dislikes! Remember, because Shannon hates pickles there more in the world for pick-lovers like me, and my dislike for olives leaves more black ones for her, so it all works out in the end!

7:27 PM  
Blogger Stewsday said...

I guess I have no food phobias. I'm a complete nutritional opportunist. Mind ya, I still have my hang ups about preparation of the food, but not to the food itself.
I avoid certain establishments and brands. Like I won't go to Denny's and I won't eat chicken unless its free range.

11:33 AM  
Blogger GlitterGlamGirl05 said...

I HATE LOBSTER!! It's a consistency thing. Mush.

2:57 PM  
Blogger Shananigans said...

Wow, I am learning so much here. I don’t understand how people eat McDonald’s, but there must be some repeat customers if they’re claiming “billions and billions served”. If I were really starving, and let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, I hope I would be able to eat things I consider icky for survival. But I’m not sure, I might be the first to go in a survivor type situation. What the hell is scrapple? Or Lychees and Dragon eyes for that matter? Lobster is mushy? I always imagined it would be kind of rubbery like calamari or flaky like fish or something. Weird. Ain’t no accounting for taste. True dat.

3:14 PM  
Blogger Beans said...

I freaking love the Smashing Pumpkins. I have the greatest hits and you cant ever go wrong with that. For some reason I think I may have been born a bit too late, every band that I love and admire is from the early 90's!

8:27 AM  
Blogger La Bona said...

"Shellfish and lobster and shrimp I also do not eat, but for different reasons."

Are you a Jew?

Speaking of which, you commented on Abortiona while ago and recently, the Pope said Harry Potter is evil. As a result, people are now debating if the Bible is the Complete Whole Truth from God?
If you have an opinion on the authenticity on the Bible which I think has a profound impact on our society, please do email me. Alternately, you may want to check it out at the forum


10:05 AM  
Blogger Shananigans said...

No, I'm not a Jew, but I play one on TV. I think eating Kosher has its merits but I don't follow any specific dietary guidelines for religious reasons since I have no religious affiliation to speak of. But I'm a vegetarian so that almost makes my diet Kosher by default.

I sort of think of the Bible as a combination of short stories based on true events and some stuff people made up to make a good point. I love fables, and the Bible has some good ones. Note that I’m not saying the Bible has no value or that some of its wisdom can’t be helpful in everyday life for some people. I just think that given the controversies, inconsistencies, historical ambiguity and all that, it’s just ridiculous to refer to it as anything like “The Complete Whole Truth from God”. Plus there’s the fact that the Bible was written by people. And all people, even the authors of the Bible, are fallible. Wow, I do love a rousing debate. But back to work for me…

10:25 AM  
Blogger The World Against Me said...

Scrapple is like corn meal and meat scrappings.. It's quite tasty actually.

As for Lychees and dragoneyes...

They are both fruits... here is a link for Lychee. Dragoneye is a similar fruit. smaller in size, brown and not red(Lychees are about the size of a silver dollar, dragoneyes are about the size of a quarter. But the seed is about the same size of that of the Lychees. About the size of a penny.) Dragoneyes are sweeter and Lychee are juicier... go to your local chinatown and get some =)

3:31 PM  
Blogger Shananigans said...

I wonder if I could find lychees or dragoneyes at the Koreatown farmers market here. I'll have to look tomorrow when I go for lunch. I love exotic fruits. Too bad they're usually so damn expensive. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never been to Chinatown in LA. I hear they have excellent places to buy green tea in bulk, so maybe I’ll make it there someday.

3:39 PM  
Blogger Tanya Kristine said...

Hmm...i'll pretty much eat anything. I love meat but don't eat it. miss it but i'll never put flesh to these lips again...well, except for peng. oooh...i so naughty!

Now shanani, hope YOU'RE not eating your lunch when you read this but when i was a little girl i used to grab our gallon jar of pickles and drink the juice...mmm...i still do that today. i love cornichons, cocktail onions, capers, pepperoncinis...anything pickled. hey...take off the 'p' and it's 'ickled'. you think they're icky.

oddly enough, i'm not fond of fruit. i hate apples too. and cantelope. love berries and watermelon and nanners.

eggplant and ocra are slimy and not even good fried.

lobster makes me cry it's so good. but again...the flesh thing...

my favorite food is anything processed: oreos, lays kc bbq chips, donuts, cake, ice cream, ho ho's, etc...but since i'm teetering on being on the other end of the question "Hey! when are you due?" i stay away from those...

9:12 AM  

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