Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Jason's birthday pictorial

Remember when I said I was gonna post pictures from Jason's birthday ages ago? Yea, well here some are!

Jason enjoys cake at C & O Cucina

A Shabbas sing along

Our Shabbas veggie taco bar

More Birthday Cake!



And now...

Pictures of Doggies Just for Fun

I'm working on getting all my pics on this web pic hosting thingy that yahoo has called , I'll post the link when it's ready for more hot picture action.


Blogger Beans said...

Jasons Birthday looked like fun. Kick ass keg, lol.
My birthday is coming up... ooh!
Oh ok and Mike Jones is a rapper thats pretty big here in the South. An obnoxious, ignorant rapper, here:
Oh and this is my future husband, the hot, young, minority policitian, aaaah...

8:31 AM  

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