Thursday, February 02, 2006

Older and Wiser

I really need to resolve to post more. So, Sunday was my birthday. Yes, at 26 I am now firmly in the “mid- to late-twenties” group. Just a hop skip and a jump away from the big 30! Last week was also my friend Becca and my downstairs neighbor and frequent dog sitter Lynnae’s birthday, and this coming Sunday is my sister Stacy’s birthday. So much birthday goodness going around. Yay Aquariuses! Jason took me out for dinner on Saturday. We went to Dhaba in Santa Monica for yummy Indian food with mango ice cream for dessert. On Sunday we hit up the Farmers’ Market for Omelet Guy omelets, then Becca and T-Bone joined me for yoga at the YMCA, and we finished off the day with a little get together at our place with cake (strawberry shortcake!) pizza and a little game of Lunch Money. The birthday week continued on Tuesday when my department treated me to lunch out (Italian, yum) and an awesome gift. $70 in gift certificates to the Library Ale House in Santa Monica. Do these people know my taste or what? Other very exciting gifts: salad spinner from T-Bone and Ben (I made salad mix on Monday, it’s still crisp and fresh in my fridge!), beautiful silver heart earrings from Jason’s mom, a vegetarian cook book from my parents titled “Cooking With Herb” (no, they have no clue), and from Jason an iPod nano (I am part of the iPod revolution!). All in all a great birthday.

This weekend the Nonukah festivities begin. I made two huge pans of pash’d’da (faux crust quiche) last night and I’m making cheese cake squares courtesy of T-Bone’s aunt’s recipe tonight for Friday’s Shabbat dinner. I’ve got to get to Whole Foods sometime for vegan Jell-O so I can make the Jell-O shots for Saturday. So much to do, no wonder I’ve been slacking on the gym this week. In case you’re wondering what Nonukah is, I’ll just post a tid-bit from this year’s e-vite:

Friends, Phamily,
We have for you a little riddle . . .
What holiday involves . . .
more people gathered into a small space than Sukkot?
more drinking and general merriment than Purim?
more lights than Hanukah?
and rhymes with Santa Monica?

That's right it's time for NONUKAH?

It’s a bit late this year seeing as “9th night of Hanukah” is long past, but it can also be interpreted as “not Hanukah” and I am very excited to see all the out of town kids that are coming. Tuesday I am taking a personal holiday and we are all going to the Price is Right! Keep your fingers crossed that one of us is called to come on down.

I have many pictures just waiting to be posted, I’m really bad at uploading from my camera for some reason. The weekend can’t get here fast enough, we are going to have so much fun!

Another piece of exciting news, after a month of weight loss stagnation, I think I lost another couple pounds! At this rate I will have lost all the weight by 2036.


Blogger tabitha jane said...

i've never heard of nonukah . . . it sounds fun!

i am going to be 25 this year . . . it feels so monumental.

10:01 AM  
Blogger Shananigans said...

You probably haven't heard of it because it was invented 6 years ago and only celebrated by a very select few (meaning the people who will be at the party on Saturday). 25 was not so much monumental as transitional, but people do like to make a bigger deal out of the birthdays ending in 5 or 0 for some reason.

11:46 AM  

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