Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I love…cake?

And all of you bloggy people, even though I haven’t rapped at ya in, oh almost a month. (Bonus points to whoever gets the sitcom reference in the title of this post.) How did that happen? Happy Valentine’s by the way, my next post will likely be about St. Patty’s. I blame the deep freeze for at least part of it, when the high temperature of the day is barely scraping the low single digits (if that) it’s really hard to do much of anything beyond the bare minimum. All other resources are devoted to preservation of a reasonable core body temperature and complaining about the cold. Well, ok that’s not entirely true, in the last few weeks I’ve gone out drinking, bowling, to open mike (Jason and I might actually participate next time), the gym a couple of times (literally a couple), karaoke, and attended 4 Badger sporting events at the Kohl center (1 men’s BB, 1 women’s BB, and 2 men’s hockey games) . Oh, and I turned 27. Oh, and I had a few job interviews, one of which resulted in a job offer that I accepted (YAY)! My last day at my temp job is this Thursday and I can’t wait because I am really burnt out on being the AP bitch amongst other things. So, that should pretty much catch you up to present on the exiting drama that is my world. Here’s a picture of yours truly in front of the state capitol during a post-game bar crawl. I look cold. Or drunk. Hard to say.

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I’m really psyched for this weekend, I’m going on a road trip to Columbus, OH! No, I’m not really excited about Ohio for it’s own sake (no offense Ohioans, but your state is kind of lame) but rather because of who I’ll be seeing there. All because of the magic of MySpace, I will be reuniting with three exchange students that I was good friends with 10 years ago when I was studying abroad in Finland, so this should be quite a trip!

By the way, I have been visiting everyone’s blogs and catching up when I can but haven’t been so much with the commenting lately because I need all the bloggy time I have to read. I hope to have my blogging activity up to par again someday.