Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Pool Party!

We threw a killer pool party yesterday in honor of Memorial Day, and Jason's dad being out of town thus giving us access to said pool for party with no parental supervision. Awesome!

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A little sunbathing (guess who has lobster red shoulders today).

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Protect your eyes, the whiteness reflecting off my legs may blind you. Even after yesterday's efforts my legs will not take any color...ever.

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Despite Dexter looking interested in the water here, he did not so much enjoy the pool. We put him in on the steps, where he stood and shivered for a while and promptly jumped out as soon as we let him. He also didn't seem to like any of us swimming either, it freaked him out a bit. Oh, well. Sadie and Cali were on hand to play with, so I think the party was a hit with the dogs despite their lack of interest in swimming. And there were hot dogs.

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Look, a surprise guest! It's Yoni!

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Everyone is very excited to see Yoniton. Thanks for coming over, even if it was just for a little while.

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This was a lot of fun! Thanks for coming everyone. Hope we can do it again really soon.

We Conquer Santa Ynez

Here we begin the journey...

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Lots o' rock hopping.

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There's Alex...

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and Jason

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That damn waterfall that was hiding so cleverly. But we finally found it.

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We are so hard core. We had to actually climb up a rope to get to this place, something I haven't attempted since high school gym class. Anyway, a good time (and a little sweat breaking) had by all!

Thanks Tosha!

Tosha (aka TBone) got a spiffy new digital camera for her birthday this month, and was kind enough to share all these photos. Some day I might even get my own camera and take my own pictures (we'll see).


Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Pink Stuff...It's not just for humans anymore.

::Warning - This post contains icky details about doggie poo, and it's probably not that interesting to most of you. But hey, read on if ya want to::

So last week, I think it was around Wednesday, my doggie Dexter came down with some gastro-intestinal distress. He has been very good about not having accidents in the house for a very long time. So imagine our horror and surprise when we discovered that sometime during the night Dexter had stolen away to the dining area and left three puddles of putrid smelling mess. EWWWW! So, after a trip to the vet and a fecal test that came back negative, it appears there's nothing seriously wrong with him. Unfortunately Dexter continued to have some "accidents", and I was at my wits end, but becoming very handy with the baking soda and carpet cleaning. So the vet told us to give our dog Pepto Bismol. Now I've never taken it myself, but it doesn't smell too pleasant or look too appetizing. Turns out, Dexter seems to feel the same way. The comedy ensues as I smear peanut butter on the rim of the cup, beg, plead, and wrestle with Dexter trying to get the stuff down. As soon as it reaches his mouth (most if it spilling on the way) he spits it out and shakes his head, spewing pink stuff all over the kitchen and me. Jason tried to give him the next dose, then we tried it as a team effort. I wish I had pictures of the Pink smeared Dexter. It was pretty funny. Anyway, lucky for us just 2 doses seemed to get him back to regular. Really, the things we do for the little poop monster!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Stop, think, save a life.

I just read this article that I found on NoPuppyMills.com. It pretty much sums up how I feel about the pet owning public. I don't much like to go off on rants about how much I hate dog owners that are ignorant or negligent, back yard breeders, or the pure evil of puppy selling pet stores. It just makes me too upset. But please people, dogs are not furry little humans, children, or material possessions for your amusement that can easily be tossed once you tire of them or they poop on your carpet (I'm looking in your direction, Dexter). And know where your pet is coming from. Just because it's a purebred, has AKC papers, or costs $3,000 at an upscale pet shop does not mean it is a better dog than any mixed breed dog you could adopt from a shelter, rescue agency or humane society. In fact, pet store puppies have a very high probability of being from a puppy mill.

Dogs are a lot of work, expensive, and will make you crazy some days, but IMO they're totally worth it :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I’ll Wango your Tango, Biyatch!

Last Saturday I went on a cultural expedition…to Anaheim. Yes, the biggest, baddest hip hop concert in the country, Wango Tango! (insert shrill pre-pubescent screaming here) You all may be wondering, what the hell was I doing at concert featuring artists commonly heard on commercial mass market radio? Well, the tix were free through work, and I got this nifty plastic “Artist Guest” pass that allowed me to hang out in the “Aloha” themed tent with the (sort of reasonably priced) cash bar and free (kind of crappy) food. Big holla out to Becca for taking on this anthropological experiment with me. It was fun, and a different kind of musical experience for sure. None of them hippy dippy jam bands here.

So, let me just say that I have not been further out of my element since, well I don’t know when. All of Angel Stadium was filled with baby sluts and wanna be baby slut mommas. I may be an old prude here, but when did it become acceptable for 14-year-olds (or their mothers) to dress like hoochies and bump and grind suggestively to music? I am apparently way out of date in the fashion department also. Blond with dark roots is in, you must own oversized hoop earrings or some other garishly large yellow gold jewelry with your name on it, and don’t even think about leaving your house without wearing a skirt like this, preferably so short that a gust of wind blurs the fine line between gynecologist and the general public.

Ah, but the music. Honestly, not all of it was as bad as I expected. And Ryan Seacrest was there. Soooo dreamy. But seriously, I consumed more advertising than tunes during my 5-hour foray into the hip hop world. I really want to go buy some Pepsi at Albertsons now, and then maybe go get a boob job. And perhaps a rhinoplasty too, there’s a 20% discount for multiple procedures down at the plastic surgery place. (I wish I was kidding, but I saw the ad for the cosmetic surgery clinic no less than three times on the jumbo-tron. Three times!). The format was much like that of most mainstream radio stations these days: commercials, commercials, consume, consume, slight interruption of fluffy pop music, BUY THIS! It was exhausting.

But now, the musical highlights: The Black Eyed Peas had a solid overall performance. They busted out with "Let's Get it Started," "Shut Up" and "Where is the Love." Good stuff. It’s kind of embarrassing but I enjoy that one Kelly Clarkson single “Since You’ve Been Gone.” The Backstreet Boys, well what can I say, Backstreet’s Back, alright! Will Smith has an ego the size of Mars, but his show was pretty entertaining. Will Smith is Hip Hop, by the way. His T-shirt told me so. And his performance had roller girls, which I totally dig. We got jiggy wit it, partied in the city where the heat is on, and Will told us how he became the prince of a town called Bel-Air. Good times.

We hung around for the first couple numbers by Gwen Stefani. I had high hopes, as I used to be a No Doubt fan back in the day. I even own Tragic Kingdom. Her first song included a mini marching band, which I thought was awesome. What was she wearing? I don’t get it either. Drum Majorette on crack in 6-inch heels? Whatever. Then the music started really sucking and we just had to leave.

Other lessons learned: Mechanic jumpsuits are HOT! (Thanks for that one Ciara.) J-Lo really is Bootylicious. Lindsay Lohan should never sing. Never.

We hung out a bit with a couple of my co-workers during the show, and that was fun. Luckily none of us were taking it seriously and we all had a good time mocking the popular culture at large. It was fun, but I’m not so sure I’d do it again. Once might be enough.

Peace out, yo!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


OK, I don't mean to gross y'all out, but it can't be avoided 'cause this is just disgusting. A substitute teacher in UT decided that it would be just great for his class to experience the wonders of an actual working digestive system. Unfortunately he decided to use an actual live dog to demonstrate this.* How is this even allowed to happen? And the teacher and principal are still defending the class “lesson”. Is it just me? Is this not completely useless and undeniably cruel? What horrid people!

*Thanks to Veg Blog for bringing this to my attention.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Chasing Waterfalls

Last Sunday Tosha, Ben, Jason and I went for a nice hike out in the beautiful wilderness of Topanga State Park. Our friends had been there the week before trying to find this waterfall on the Santa Ynez Trail, but had made a wrong turn. We were trying a different route, but after a pretty much vertical climb for a few hundred feet we saw a family with children backtracking (how those people managed that climb with a baby on their back and young ‘uns I’ll never know), saying it didn’t look like the waterfall was over there. So, after taking a rest and enjoying the view for a bit, we climbed/slid/crawled back down to the stream bed. There we found a couple of girls coming from upstream saying they had just been at the waterfall and it was about 20 minutes from where we were. The waterfall sounded really cool, but we were short on time since B&T had Mothers Day plans and Jason had to go to work. So we made a vow to make another stab at it in a couple weeks now that we know where it is. I’ll certainly update y’all if we ever actually make it there.

Unfortunately, as I found out yesterday from TBone, there was another hiker out on the same trail on that same day with a group looking for the same waterfall who will not have a chance to come back and look for it another day. This poor 19-year-old kid was separated from his group, and later fell into a ravine and died. How crazy is that? I’ll definitely be sticking with the group on future waterfall-finding expeditions.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

We got furniture...no really!

This last Saturday Jason and I finally got our shit together and bought some furniture and moved it into our apartment (thank you craigslist!) Yes, we have a sofa, BIG four piece ottoman, an entertainment center, speakers, and a chair. It sure beats the floor, let me tell you. Our good buddies Ben (aka Virginia Slim) and Tosha (aka TBone) were nice enough to come out and help. *Thank You* Also, props to Edgar and his little Mazda truck. We couldn't have done it without you. MTV should totally pimp your ride.

So, now that we have actual furniture in our apartment, like real grown-up people, we plan to invite everyone over for a much delayed house warming party. (For those of you who don't know, we'd been living in our furnitureless state since March 1st. I know, we're lame-o procrastinators.) Check your e-mail boxes for an e-vite soon! Maybe I'll even post some pictures of people enjoying the furniture here.

**Please excuse my spazzy enthusiasm for this new furniture, but if you'd been living on the floor with a numb butt and half asleep legs for two months you'd understand. Really, it's changed my life.