Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Still alive…

…and kickin’! Writing to you live from Madtown it’s me. Y’all still remember me, don’t you? Well, we have moved and aside from some setbacks everything is okie-dokie. I would just like to point out that moving sucks and I will never again let my possessions out of my sight. We thought hiring a moving company to move our stuff and putting my car on a truck so we only had one vehicle would have made our lives so much easier. Why else would you pay so much for the services if they weren’t there to make your move more convenient for you? My car was picked up on Oct 30 and didn’t arrive until last Thursday. That’s 2 ½ weeks! And my car was so crusted will road salt I almost didn’t recognize it. The truck my car was on broke down in Denver, so there was at least a reason for the delay. The movers came and put most of our worldly possessions on a truck on Fri, Nov 3, and we were definitely given the impression that the 21 day allowance to deliver in the contract was strictly a legal formality for the moving company to cover their asses, and in all likelihood our stuff would arrive in a week, shortly after we did. We rolled into Madison on Nov 7. Long story short, our stuff left LA yesterday according to the movers. Oh, and one more point we missed initially, they technically have 21 business days to get our stuff to us. Luckily we were planning on buying a new bed when we got here anyway since we left the old crappy one back in LA, and our kindly landlady has given us a free couch. I really miss my stuff though. Ah well, live and learn.

Also, Jason had mistakenly given our new phone and internet provider the wrong apartment number. You would think a simple error like that wouldn’t make a huge difference in getting our services set up, especially since we called them on the planned start-up date. You would be wrong to think that though, because after many a frustrating phone call and being jerked around and being giving 3 different dates by three different reps, we didn’t get any service for over a week.

But despite it all, I am in pretty good spirits. Because I am at home and I love it here. I wasn’t born and raised here, my hometown is about a 4 hour drive north, but ever since my freshman year of college this place has felt like home to me and it’s good to be back.

I am still looking for work, my main job prospect was sadly not offered to me. Would have been nice, but there will be other opportunities. In the mean time I’m temping.

Dexter has adjusted fine to the cold and the snow (yes, we got snow once already! But it melted pretty quick) but he has been having some gastro-intestinal distress on and off since right before our move. He had vet visits before and after moving, but it looks like I’ll have to line up another appointment since it’s still going on.

I guess that’s all the news from Lake Wobegon. I will get up to speed on my picture posting one of these days. For now you can just enjoy this picture of me with a lollipop guild cow in front of the state capitol.

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You can see a lullaby league cow in the background. There are more cow designs and info about the CowParade here. The cows are being auctioned off now, but they were fun to see around town while they were on display.